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Industry Sector

Laser cutting cloth, leather and other materials

Laser cutting, punching, hollowing out and burning of garment fabrics and accessories, leather and textiles play an important role in the garment industry, shoe industry and leather bag industry, greatly improving the speed and accuracy of proofing and finished products.

Clothing and textile industry

Traditional clothing and textile industries mainly use manual shears, which are slow, unable to typeset and low safety factor. With the update of technology, professional laser machines used in clothing and textile industry came into being, which can scientifically typeset, save materials, high-precision non-contact cutting, safe and fast.
Cut fabric, no loose edges, no edges, no yellowing, computer design patterns, accurate processing.

Leather industry

Laser cutting, carving, hollowing out leather shoes, sports shoes, leather bags, etc. the cutting edges are neat and accurate.

CCD camera, projection

In addition, the laser machine can also be equipped with CCD camera or projector, which can put the version to be processed on the material. Even for materials with irregular shape, it can also achieve good typesetting.